All Hearing Losses Are Significant

We have structured this site to give you the most information about our practice and our philosophy of treating patients with communication problems related to hearing loss. I urge you to surf the site and jot down any questions you may have. The best way to access me is through an e-mail to: [email protected]. I ask that you pay special attention to our short TV spots that were meant to illustrate some common situations where communication is hampered by a hearing loss.

Of course we work with much more serious issues, but even for a person with a “mild hearing loss” communication can be devastating. In fact, throughout my professional career, I have never met anyone with a “mild hearing loss”. All hearing losses are significant. And I am here to help you hear better.

About Our Practice

“Human Communication Is Our Most Precious Gift. When Asked About Which Deprivation Was Worse, Being Blind Or Being Deaf, Helen Keller Replied, ‘Blindness Separates Us From Things, Deafness Separates Us From People.’ Although Most People Aren’t Deaf, Hearing Loss Is One Of Our Most Prevalent Disabilities.”


Customized Treatment For Individual Needs

Dr. Brady and his staff believe that treating hearing loss involves the whole patient. That is why he seeks to involve not only the patient, but family, friends and the physician. A hearing loss affects the entire community and that is why Dr. Brady takes a holistic approach that considers each person to be an individual with his/her own unique communication needs.

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We’re Dedicated To Your Hearing Health

Dr. Brady believes that no one with hearing loss should go untreated. He has dedicated his professional life to helping other people hear and communicate effectively. Dr. Brady’s goal is for everyone to have this most precious gift—the ability to hear!



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